A Tailored Experience

Yoga Baum's private sessions provide individualized practices that help students reach their goals.


Just starting out

It can be intimidating to step into a yoga class when you're just starting out. Although we create a welcoming and warm environment in every group class, it can be more comfortable to work through some of the "yoga basics" with a teacher in a one-on-one setting. Taking private sessions is a great place to gain confidence, especially for beginners.

working through injury, illness, or anxiety

When you are injured, ill, or suffering from anxiety, it is beneficial to seek out a practice that is just for you. Yoga Baum's teachers can create a practice plan to approach your injury, illness, or anxiety. Private sessions are the ideal environment to explore the therapeutic benefits of yoga.



Goals and Maintainence

During the course of your practice, you will set goals for yourself. We are here to help you reach those goals. Yoga Baum teachers will listen to you and adjust the practice to your specific needs. They are skilled in developing and communicating the route which will be most effective for your practice and journey.

There will also be times to have a maintenance check on your alignment and movement patterns. We have you covered.

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