Yoga Classics: Pranayama and Bandhas, 11/8 2020

Yoga Classics: Pranayama and Bandhas, 11/8 2020


Sunday, November 8th 9:00am-3:00pm

6 Contact Hours, 1 Non-Contact Hour

taught by Dasha Grankina

This workshop is for students and teachers who are seeking to deepen their knowledge and practice. This workshop can be used as continuing education, and also counts towards Yoga Baum’s 300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training.

In this workshop, trainees will learn about breathing techniques (pranayama) and bandhas, or “locks” in the body, and how they can be used to maintain and control energy (prana). The history, theory, and technique behind bandhas and pranayama will also be explored. By incorporating knowledge of bandhas into pranayama and asana practice, trainees will learn to move and breathe with control and power. Trainees will learn and practice invigorating as well as calming breathing techniques and will also learn how to incorporate pranayama, beyond ujjayi pranayama, into their practice and teaching. This workshop will incorporate lecture, discussion, practice, and practice teaching.

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