Ayurvedic Cooking, Medicinal Teas, and Healing Herbs, December 14th

Ayurvedic Cooking, Medicinal Teas, and Healing Herbs, December 14th


Saturday, December 14th, 12:00pm-6:00pm

6 Contact Hours

$85 before November 1st. $95 After.

Led by Sarah Teeple

This Ayurvedic intensive is all about food and gut health.

It will be a very hands on experience! We will be eating, drinking, cooking, and discovering amazing things about our gut health and how to take care of it for optimal vibrancy and energy! This class will teach you how to approach digestive health from a whole new perspective, teaching you tricks and tools you will use for the rest of your life. 

In Ayurveda the Sankrit word, “Agni” refers to our appetite, digestive fire, metabolism, and ability to absorb and assimilate the nutrition, as well as emotions and life experiences. 

When agni is strong:we feel energized, have a good appetite for healthy foods, eat to satisfaction, and feel pleasant afterwards with smooth digestion and elimination.  We feel ready and confident for life’s challenges. 

When agni is weak or compromised: we may feel heavy, lethargic, anxious, depressed, have unhealthy cravings, and feel bloated, gassy, or acidic after eating, and have irregular elimination. We may feel lack of self-esteem about our body, our decisions, or about life in general. 


Note: Participation at the Ayurvedic Intensive, Part 1 is not required for attendance at this class. But please let the teacher know if you are a new student to Ayurveda, and we will get correct information to you in advance, so you can get the most from class!


What You’ll Get: 

·     Learn to cook delicious Ayurvedic food

·     Get easy recipes to bring home and incorporate into your weekly routine

·     Eat a delicious meal and dessert while you learn

·     Learn to make an easy appetizer to increase digestive strength (great for big holiday dinners, or everyday at home)

·     Make medicinal teas to soothe and ease digestion after a meal

·     Make an easy appetizer in 5 minutes that can prevent or treat indigestion

·     Discover what your appetite means about your digestion

·     Learn Ayurvedic remedies for common symptoms like bloating, gas, and acid reflux 

·     Boost metabolism naturally with correct food combining 

·     Learn which herbs and foods increase digestive fire and when to take them.


Menu and Recipes Include:

Appetizer: Fresh Lemon-Ginger “Agni-kindler”  

Meal: Organic Kitchari with Veggies

Dessert: Date Ladoos

Tea: After-meal Tulsi Mint “Agni-soother”

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